The Center of Excellence in Medical Education Technology



In twenty first century, Centers of Excellence in developing countries have been identified as one of the main stimuli which operate like an incentive engine of development in close interaction with thought generating entities. Centers of Excellence in comparing with their predecessors, i.e. traditional research institutions, as well as possessing their advantages they consist of other special features which are considered as the precedency of centers of excellence. Numbers and varieties of centers of excellence are considered as the indicators of glory and growth in a society. Centers of excellence try to fulfill the basic needs of society by utilizing and incorporating four principal and conceptual elements, i.e. innovation, competition, quality and technical knowledge. Similar to developing countries, in Iran appropriate and significant steps have been taken for establishing centers of excellence. For better result and access to universal standards it is essential to accelerate this procedure with more accuracy. Utilizing relative privilege and potentiality of university in relation with future needs of the country, wisdom based development, enhancement of researchers’ scientific capacity, targeted expansion of science borders, innovation in science and technology, promotion scientific place of country, are some of the important goals of scientific centers of excellence.

   Based on definition, scientific excellence is a set of actual or virtual outstanding faculties and employees with distinct and prominent capabilities and equipment and high scientific ability in one scientific-technical field in medical science and related majors who endeavor in education, research and even delivering treatment-health services in related specialty. The most important features of scientific excellence are producing knowledge and innovation, joint with industry and making money, accessing to national, regional or international educational and scientific top quality (authority) and fulfill the basic needs of the country and region in relation with medical sciences toward achievement of the goals of Twenty Years Landscape Document and Extensive Map of Science.

   Distinguishing that which of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education universities and research and educational institutions can perform as a scientific excellence are based on the determined criteria and principles in ministry. With respect to worthwhile and scientific activities of Mashhad Centers for Studies and Developing Education of Medical Sciences in relation to educational technology, this center was chosen as the “Center of Excellence of Educational Technology in Medicine”. In this regard, Center of Excellence of Educational Technology in Medicine is trying to recognize and solve the problems in medical science education with reliance to innovation in areas of generating and utilizing knowledge and help to educational system of medical sciences to find a better position in region.  

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