Researches running by monitoring of CEMET

♦ Designing Stereoscopic 3D Interactive Atlas of Human anatomy

Manufacturing of artificial skin for educational usage

Analysis & improving of Communication skills among medical students by using of Observer XT software

Making a research tools data bank consisting of research tools used in Ph.D. & MSc thesis and approved research plans in MUMS from 1986 to 2009

Multimedia for PBL teaching

Online Assessment System & Electronic Assessment

Developing of educational asking & answering system by using of SMS

Developing of Online system for national Clinical guidelines

Designing Interactive and 3D stereoscopic model of human's eye

Developing of CEMET Site in English

Manufacturing of surgeon glass in operating room by video Capability in order to educational usage

Study of International & formal educational technology Standards and their practical Indicators for learners, teachers and managers

To design a Simulation software of integrated mothers' health based on national guideline



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